Welcome to the Partnership

This portal is designed for country-level partners to better understand GPE. GPE is a shared commitment to ending the world’s learning crisis. GPE mobilizes partnerships and investments to help more than 80 partner countries transform their education systems.

A fund and a partnership

GPE brings together education partners with one overarching mission – deliver quality education for every child. Its operating model encourages participation and accountability among GPE partners as they create evidence-based education plans and mobilize funding for implementation.

GPE is a key driver of global and regional advocacy for transforming education. It endeavors to accelerate access, learning outcomes and gender equality by building resilient education systems. By leveraging domestic financing and convening country-level stakeholders, GPE promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all.

GPE objectives require joint efforts and commitment to achieve quality education for every child.
Discover how global and country-level partners work together
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